A blog about the engine diagnostics methods of today

A blog about the engine diagnostics methods of today


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How specialist diagnostic instruments are used to help keep cars and trucks on the road

When someone asks you to think about a typical mechanic you will probably imagine someone wearing overalls wielding a spanner, but the truth is that nowadays you're almost as likely to find a vehicle mechanic studying the screen of an electronic tool analysing and diagnosing computer faults. A range of systems in a modern vehicle may well rely upon one of these embedded computers or ECU's. These include powertrain and immobiliser.

Some modern cars and trucks actually have up to 80 ECUs. To enable him to do his job a mechanic therefore now needs to use diagnostic tools like those supplied by vehicle manufacturers themselves or one of the third party systems that will work on a range of different makes of vehicle.

So, as you can see, the old image that you might have of a mechanic is very much out of date. No longer is is a job for someone who is just handy with a spanner, but now requires at least some understanding of computerised technology and how to use vehicle diagnostic systems.

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